Puronics vs Aquasana Water Filter Review

Contaminants find their way into our water through various sources. There are a few routes – chlorine from industrial or commercial purification, pesticides from spraying crops, microorganisms from human and/or animal feces, or minerals from natural deposits. However, regardless of the source of the contaminants, impure water is very dangerous to the health –annually an estimated 5 million individuals die from diseases caused by drinking unsafe water. What is most scary is that children account for the majority of these mortality figures. According to a report published by UNICEF this year, about 5,000 children die every day from taking unsafe water and poor sanitation. This is why you need to be sure that your water is clean and free from harmful contaminants like chlorine, lead, mercury, bacteria, etc.

The need for accessible clean water to homes is why water filters are a must-have in your home. Under sink filters as the name implies are water filters mounted under your sink. They purify water on demand and do not need a storage tank. While your water has been properly treated by your city’s treatment plant and it leaves the plant clean and sterilized for use, it is still very susceptible to picking up contaminants from the old pipes it has to travel through to get to your home. A contaminant like lead, a neurotoxin found in old pipes has been linked to a slew of diseases like reproductive problems, increased blood pressure, and hypertension.

In this article, we will compare two industry-leading water filters –Aquasana and Puronics.

Aquasana 3-Stage Max Flow Filter System with Faucet

This product (AQ-5300+.55) is one of Aquasana’s most used models. It uses a 3-stage filter system is designed to transform ordinary water with contaminants into clean water. It is advertised to remove 99% of 77 different contaminants while retaining healthy minerals like calcium. The entire unit weighs about 7lbs with a dimension of 4.25 x 12 x 12.88 inches. It sets you back by about $170 and offers seven designs of faucets to choose from. It is not designed to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS).

Pros of Aquasana water filter

  1. High flow rate – It packs a water stream rate that is 44% quicker than its predecessor. The act of filtration usually takes time, and most filters require you to wait a while for your filter to process clean water. However, this could become frustrating and that is what Aquasana aims to address with this model.
  2. Easy installation – The installation falls in the DIY category. Most customers have applauded the ease and speedy installation of the unit if you follow what is in the installation manual. The average installation time should be between 1-2 hours.
  3. Nice looking faucet – The brushed nickel with attractive finishes brings some beauty and elegance to your kitchen décor.
  4. Bluetooth Capabilities – It includes a Bluetooth option that enables you to track filter use. It alerts you on your smartphone when you need to change your filter. That is one less thing to mark on your calendar. Note that this is available to iOS users only.
  5. Great water quality – This is the prime reason anyone gets a filter anyway and Aquasana filters do the job quite well. It is also a major plus that it doesn’t get rid of useful minerals. Most users report great tasting clean water compared to other units they’ve tried.
  6. Long-lasting filters: Although the filters are pricier than most alternatives including Aquasana’s older model (5300), the filters also last longer, leaving some users satisfied with their purchase. Aquasana advertized a filter life capacity of 800 gallons.

Cons of Aquasana

  1. Expensive filters – The filter costs more than the average under sink water filters. Some users say it is worth the extra greens, it still costs more than the older model of the same product.
  2. Leakage – Many users complain of how the filter leaks water all over, especially after the first filter replacement. A few others reported that the faucet can also drip water after you switch it off.
  3. Non-durable products – A few users complained about the durability.
  4. Bluetooth feature failure – The Bluetooth feature is only avilable on iOS and this is a major problem considering that a lot of people use android devices. Unless you have an iOS device, it remains an extra feature that you paid for that you can’t use.

Puronics MICROMAX 7000

Puronics MICROMAX 7000 is a water system designed to produce clean, clear, and safe drinking water with great taste. It makes use of a 4-Stage advanced filtration technology that gets rid of a wide range of contaminants. It comes in a simple, sleek, durable design and it fits easily under a kitchen sink.

How it Works

Stage 1:  This stage has a 5-micron carbon filter to protect the system by first removing dirt as well as sediments the size of 0.00002 inches. It also dechlorinates water through effective absorption.

Stage 2: This is the Ultra Filtration (UF) stage. A highly dense filter serves as a barrier to waterborne cysts and microscopic parasites like giardia and cryptosporidium which might cause intestinal infections, abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea if present in water. This stage removes 0.00001 microns.

Stage 3: This is where most of the TDS such as sodium, selenium, nitrates, and nitrites are reduced from the water. Metals such as lead, copper, cadmium, trivalent chromium, and hexavalent are also flushed out. The system then proceeds to store the processed water in a sealed sterilized tank.

Stage 4: This is the stage where activated carbon adsorption takes place; removing unpleasant odor and taste from processed water.

Pros of Puronics MICROMAX 7000 water system.

1) A wide variety

Puronics provides a broad range for your kitchen décor.

2) Professional installation service

Unlike other filters with DIY installations that eventually lack durability and lead to leaking cartridges, the Puronics water filter system is installed by professionals. The company can provide (or you can also hire one), and the reviews about the service of the technicians have been largely positive. This means you have a durable system that is not as susceptible to faults and damage and excellent service.

3) Great quality water

This is the most important prerequisite for a water filter. The 4-stage technology utilized by Puronics ensures that you have clean-looking, pristine tasting, safe water.

4) Durability and extended life filters

Puronics MICROMAX 7000 water system is made with durable materials, built to stand the test of time. You’ll hardly discover a user with complaints even after a year of heavy usage.

Cons of Puronics MICROMAX 7000 water system.

  1. Pricey product and service – The product, installation, and filter replacement can be a little bit pricey but most users expressed satisfaction with the value they received for their money.
  2. Loss of valuable minerals – In the process of reducing solids to give quality water, some useful minerals such as calcium and sodium will also be reduced.


Puronics water systems are more durable and less susceptible to faults while the patented 4-stage technology produces better quality water that does not just eliminate contaminants but also reduces solids – the Aquasana filter does not reduce solids. So, if you have some extra cash to spend on a quality water system, and you don’t mind the slightly slower flow rate, then Puronics is the way to go.