How to Make Sure Your Kids Have a Safe Halloween


It’s officially spooky season! There is so much excitement around Halloween – the costumes, the parties, and of course, the treats – it can be tough as a parent to try and set boundaries for your kids while also indulging in all of the fun. Here’s our quick guide to make sure your kids have a fun and safe Halloween, and fingers crossed you get to keep your sanity, too.

Keep toxins out of costumes

Costumes should be elaborate and fun, but be mindful of what goes into them – especially if you’re using face or body paint. Always check the ingredients and keep away from harmful toxins like lead, benzene and toluene. Opt for homemade facemasks instead of store bought paint.

Cross the street at crosswalks

If your kids are venturing out on their own with friends, remind them about road safety rules. Halloween is a chaotic time, and drivers may be impatient to get home to their own families and not fully focused on the road. Always cross at crosswalks or traffic lights so that vehicles are prepared to stop.

Stay hydrated

Both you and your kids may be sampling some Halloween candy and treats, spiking your sugar levels. Make sure to balance this out by drinking extra water during the day to dilute all of the extra sugar in your body. Extra glucose in your body actually draws water out, so if you load up on sugary snacks without drinking adequate water, you can actually wind up being dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water also helps to avoid that nasty sugar crash when your body burns through all of that added glucose.

Portion out candy

Even if you are drinking lots of water, there’s no need to go nuts and eat everything all at once – this goes for kids, and adults, too! It can be tempting to sample everything from the Halloween haul, but set some rules for your kids, whether candy is only allowed after a nutritious meal, or a number of pieces at a time, to help them stay accountable.

Check candy packaging for any rips or tears

Always check candy for ripped or torn packaging – you never know where it has been and what kinds of germs or toxins could be lurking on the surface of your sweet treat.

Have reflectors on your body if your costume is all black

Black is the spookiest of costume colours, but also the hardest to see for traffic on the road. Even when crossing at a designated area, make sure motorists are able to see you and your kids clearly to avoid any accidents.