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The Goodfor Company

We’re dedicated to helping you and your family lead healthier, happier lives. That starts with the quality of your water. You deserve it to be the cleanest and safest it can be, and we’re committed to making it happen.

Jane Emma, Founder of The GoodFor Company

Your health is our only concern.

It’s important to us that Goodfor only offers products we’ve personally tested, researched, and trust. At our foundation, your families safety and well-being is most the important factor in our company. Our curated selection of home water systems serves to bring you peace of mind. 

Healther + Happier

Enjoy better tasting water.

We make your water clean, and we mean really clean. When your Drinking Water Filter removes harmful chemicals and pollutants, you’ll be able to taste the difference immediately. 

Actually save money annually.

Enjoy the same quality water you find in the super expensive water bottles. The money you’ll save from the 1000% markup on bottled water can be used on something more important. 

Finally keep toxins away.

In most cities, it takes an abundance of chemicals to treat your water. While these chemicals and organic materials may fall within current safety and health standards, long-term exposure to them can have lasting health effects on you and your loved ones.

Wellness starts with Water

Clean, healthy water is the foundation of every wellness effort.

Wellness is a Journey

Money shouldn’t prevent anyone from a foundation built on wellness.

Wellness should be Accessible

Money shouldn’t prevent anyone from a foundation built on wellness.

Wellness is a Choice

How and what you choose to build directly impacts your health, your family’s health, and the health of the planet.

Clean water is vital for good health.

Your body is nearly 70% water, so it isn’t surprising to realize how much you depend on it. Better water means better health. You can be certain you’re only getting the best from Goodfor.