8 Benefits of Drinking 8 Cups of Water a Day


Whatever your method is – whether it’s keeping elastic bands on your water bottle, setting an alarm on your phone, carrying around a mammoth container that you have to finish before the end of the day – there’s no doubt that drinking a full eight glasses of water each day is good for you. Since our bodies are made mostly of water, 60% to be exact, it comes as no surprise that we need to keep replenishing in order to feel 100% our best. What’s even better than just drinking water? Knowing you’re drinking clean, pure water! With a home filtration RO system, you can count on that water going the extra mile since you know it’s free from toxins and chemicals.

Here are eight amazing ways that water works for your body:

1) Water helps you manage your calorie intake

Water dense foods, like fruits and vegetables, require more effort to chew and are absorbed more slowly in your body, which makes you feel full. Try drinking a glass of water when your brain is telling you you’re hungry – sometimes the body has a hard time differentiating between hunger and thirst, so a glass of water might hit the spot.

2) Your skin will thank you

When your skin is hydrated, it functions properly and helps to prevent fluid loss from other organs. Dry skin can produce redness, itching and flaking that no amount of expensive serums and creams can fix if you’re dehydrated on the inside.

3) Your kidneys can work efficiently

Your kidneys are like the clean up crew in your body – drawing out waste and passing it on as urine. In order to expel this waste, we have to be hydrated enough to go pee frequently, otherwise the kidneys start robbing other organs of fluid to get their job done.

4) Water helps regulate your body temperature

As much as we may hate to sweat on hot summer days, that water seeping out is literally cooling down your skin. If you’re dehydrated, you can run the risk of over heating – we’ll take a sweaty tee shirt over fainting on the sidewalk any day.

5) Boosting your productivity

Dehydration can make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand, and also makes you drowsy – so put down that coffee and grab a glass of water, instead! The air in office buildings tends to be on the dry side, so it’s even more important to choose water over that third or fourth cup of coffee.

6) Reduce dehydration headaches

You may have felt that nagging headache if you haven’t had sufficient water intake – the brain is made up of about 70% water, so when your fluids are low, it starts to shrink in on itself. That pain you’re feeling is your brain pulling away from your skull. Yikes.

7) Reduce your risk of injury

When your muscles are hydrated and your joints are lubricated, your body is able to withstand more. You’ll notice that your quads won’t be burning after climbing a flight of stairs, or biceps won’t be sore after carrying in your groceries.

8) Mood booster

After listing all of the ailments of dehydration above, it makes sense that when your body physically feels good, you’ll be in a better mood! Having aches and pains along with difficulty concentrating is a recipe for being grumpy, so drinking your eight glasses a day will help keep you in good mood.