6 Reasons To Stay Hydrated


6 Reasons Why Hydration is Essential for a Healthy Brain and Body Function

When you reach for a glass of water on a hot summer day, that drink is doing more than just helping you feel refreshed after spending time in the sun. Clean water is essential for life! The absence of water is lethal within days; at the same time, chronic dehydration can take a long-term toll on your health.

As you understand how important water is for a healthy brain and body function, it’s easy to see why the quality of your water source matters. Every time the glass touches your mouth, you are either supporting your overall health… or harming your body with chemicals and contaminants that are found in basic tap water. It’s no wonder that homeowners across the US are starting to see the importance of investing in a quality water filter!

Good Hydration Supports Your Brain and Body

Here is an overview of why hydration is essential for the support of your body and brain function. These are just a few reasons why you need to drink plenty of clean, contaminant-free water every day:

  1. Body Temperature Regulation: We’re not just talking about comfort here; body temperature regulation is critical to protect your organs. When you are in hot environments or engaging in physical activity, water is lost through sweat. This process keeps the body cool to avoid a rise in core temperature. Make sure you are replenishing throughout the day, especially after breaking a sweat.

  2. Nutrient Absorption: Some nutrients are “water soluble,” which means that water is needed to dissolve the minerals and vitamins in your food. When these nutrients are readily available, then they can be delivered on a cellular level to support your health.

  3. Mood Balancing: Researchers have found that dehydration increases the risk of mood disturbances. Whether you are trying to prevent afternoon grumpiness in the office or you want to avoid yelling at your kids, staying hydrated can help. Water balances the chemical processes that are happening in the brain, which can impact both anxiety and stress levels.

  4. Waste Excretion: The human body is built with natural waste removal processes, but these functions only work if you are getting enough water. When you are drinking clean water, it helps to flush out toxins, garbage, and unnecessary compounds through your urine, sweat, and bowel movements.

  5. Prevent Illness and Disease: Hydration supports immune function and has a direct impact on certain medical conditions. For example, staying hydrated keeps things moving so that you can avoid common excretion problems such as constipation, UTI’s, and kidney stones.

  6. Every Body Function Depends on Water: You’ve probably heard that 70% of the human body is made up of water. This high quantity of water in your system means that every function in the body depends on hydration for efficient performance: circulation, memory, brain function, joint health, digestion, blood pressure, hormone balancing, and more. If you want to enjoy peak levels of performance throughout the day, then you need to constantly replenish with clean, quality water.

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